Who is Aquaman / Arthur Curry ? (DC Character)

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Who is Aquaman?

Who is Aquaman / Arthur Curry ? (DC Character)
Aquaman is an American comic strip superhero, defender of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis

Aquaman is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger.

  • First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (cover date: November 1941) 
  • Creators: Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris 
  • Publisher: National Allied/DC Comics 
  • Powers: Psychic link with aquatic creatures/Super strength and speed (in water) 
  • Weapons: Trident/Wrist harpoon (temporarily) 
  • Base of Operations: Atlantis 
  • Key Allies: Aqualad 
  • Key Enemies: Black Manta, Ocean Master 
  • Team Affiliations: Justice League 
  • Secret Identity: Arthur Curry 
  • Nicknames: King of Atlantis

Aquaman Profile (DC Comics)

Aquaman was originally presented as the son of a human father and an Atlan tean princess. Raised in Atlantis and trained and taught certain “scientific secrets” by his father, he learned to communicate with the creatures of the deep (originally orally, and only in close contact), he later emerged to the surface world in adulthood as “Aquaman” (Weisinger and Norris, More Fun Comics #73, November 1941). 

Over time, the character’s powers grew, giving him telepathic communica tions with aquatic animals and greater strength and speed (while in or near water). As was the case with most Golden Age heroes, Aquaman’s World War II adven tures revolved around fighting America’s real-world enemies, the Nazis and the Japanese. Immediately after the war, the character was moved to the pages of Adventure Comics, beginning with issue #103 in 1946.

Though his origin story would be tweaked considerably over the years, Aqua man’s premier origin story was given more detail in the late 1950s. Under the editorship of Weisinger, it was explained that Aquaman’s name was Arthur Curry, and his parents were a human lighthouse operator, Tom Curry, and Atlanna, an Atlantean cast out of her underwater kingdom. 

Due to his half-Atlantean heritage, Aquaman must frequently return to the water (originally hourly) or die (Jerry Coleman and John Sikela, Adventure Comics #260, May 1959). In 1960, under the creative team of Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon, Aquaman discovers an Atlantean boy who has been cast out due to his fear of fish. 

Aquaman takes the boy as a sidekick and names him Aqualad; he would eventually join the team of sidekicks known as the Teen Titans (Bernstein and Fradon, Adventure Comics #269, February 1960). The following month, Julius Schwartz made Aquaman one of the original members of the Justice League (Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, The Brave and the Bold #28, March 1960).

The Atlantean king initially received his own solo series in 1962 (Jack Miller and Nick Cardy, Aquaman #1, February 1962). That series would have an unbro ken run until 1971, returning in 1977. The return was due to a story line from Adventure Comics #452 (August 1977) where the villain Black Manta murdered Aquaman’s infant son, Arthur Curry Jr. Writer David Michelinie and artist Jim Aparo revived the series to continue the story of Aquaman’s revenge (Aquaman #57, September 1977). 

Nine years later, Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton would begin a new series, with Aquaman sporting a watery-blue uniform (Aquaman Vol. 2, #1, February 1986). A third series was launched in 1991 to celebrate the charac ter’s 50th anniversary, but it ran for only a year. 

Two years later, under the creative team of Peter David and Martin Egeland, Aquaman was relaunched as a reclusive, disillusioned hero, his hair and beard grown long and his left hand replaced with a harpoon hook (Aquaman Vol. 5, #1–2, August–September 1994). This series was the character’s most popular run, continuing for 75 issues and ending in early 2001.

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As part of the universe-altering “Flashpoint” event in 2011, an alternate time line erupted that saw Aquaman involved in a romantic relationship—and later war—with Wonder Woman (Tony Bedard, Ardian Syaf, and Vicente Cifuentes, Emperor Aquaman #1–3, August–October 2011). 

This story line would lead to the “New 52” reboot of the DC Comics Universe. In 2013, having previously been dethroned as king of Atlantis, Aquaman and the Justice League go to war with the underwater kingdom when its current king, Ocean Master, declares war on the surface world (Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier, Aquaman Vol. 7, #16, March 2013).

Aquaman was first visible outside of comics in 1967 as part of the animated series The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, which also featured short cartoons of the new Teen Titans. The most recognizable image of Aquaman in popular culture comes from his appearance on the Super Friends Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera and airing on ABC-TV from 1973 to 1986. 

Though the character was brought mainstream, he has become the target of considerable derision due to his apparent weaker powers compared to those of the other Justice Leaguers; he became the butt of recurring jokes in the 2012 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special on Cartoon Network. Arthur Curry made two appearances on the television series Smallville, played by actor Alan Ritchson; the first was as a love interest for Lois Lane. 

Is Aquaman a hero or villain?

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The character’s film debut came in the form of a cameo in the 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (directed by Zac Snyder), and he was finally given voice in the following year’s Justice League film (also directed by Snyder) as performed by Jason Momoa, who played the character as a hard-drinking, athletic brawler. Considered one of the high points of that underperforming film, the character created by Momoa returned in the 2018 film Aquaman, directed by James Wan.

Very little has been written about Aquaman outside of his comic book exploits. He is, however, noteworthy for his nearly continuous presence in DC Comics since his inception in 1941. 

Even during the early 1950s, when superheroes all but disappeared from newsstands, Aquaman stories continued in the Superman-based anthology series Adventure Comics as a clear example of the character’s continu ing popularity despite his relative anonymity outside of comics. Similar in many ways to Marvel Comics’ Sub-Mariner, Aquaman has enjoyed a much longer—and relatively unbroken—run by comparison.

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